Remedy Acne with Witch Hazel

Get Acne Help - Click HereWitch hazel is a natural acne remedy that is used around the world for a number of human illnesses. It is derived by extracting the oil of a witch hazel shrub from its leaves and bark.

It can be used to treat acne, bruises, and other common skin problems. It is a common ingredient in anti-inflammatory creams and aftershave lotions. It may help reduce razor burn, which can also help prevent acne infections.

Witch hazel is popular in holistic circles because it is naturally healing. It reduces swelling and pain, can obliterate oils and bacteria, and is used in common cosmetic and skin treatments.

Like all effective acne treatments, it attacks at least one of the three major skin processes that cause acne: skin cell regeneration, oil production, and bacterial growth. It is most widely known to act as an astringent when treating acne breakouts.

It effectively breaks up the oils that may be present on skin, providing less reason for pores to become clogged.  Witch hazel is also rich in tannins, a compound that works to reduce swelling and decrease pore size. When pore size is smaller, fewer dead skin cells can fall into the pore and cause it to become clogged.

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This natural remedy for acne is known to cause skin irritation in some individuals, but it is more widely recognized as an all-around, safe treatment for new acne lesions that have just appeared on the skin. It reduces oil production and can therefore cause some dryness. However, it is generally viewed to be safer and gentler than most prescription medications. Witch hazel does little to change skin’s natural pH balance.
Witch hazel bought at a holistic store is usually the distilled variety. Pure witch hazel can damage skin, so be careful to choose distilled versions. The distilling process does not remove any of the antibacterial properties. Witch hazel can kill off bacteria that may cause infection in the pore and reduces swelling caused by such an infection.

Use witch hazel as a natural remedy for acne by applying it directly to skin. Saturate a cotton ball with a witch hazel serum and smooth it over acne prone skin or directly onto acne lesions. It may be used as an astringent or as a spot treatment and can be applied up to two times a day for effective control of new breakouts.

Witch hazel can be mixed with honey or egg whites to create a thick mask that may be left on skin for up to half an hour. (It may also be mixed with avocado to create an antioxidant mask.) Always rinse the mask away completely with cool, clean water. This will reduce pore size and prevent clogs caused by trapping oils in the pore for too long.

Always test an area of skin before using witch hazel on a large region. It can cause dryness and irritation, but this should fade quickly after rinsing. Never take witch hazel orally – it may contain alcohol or high concentration of oils that are not safe. 

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